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Cane Spider

The dreaded Cane Spider is common to Hawaii and more scary looking than actually dangerous. They can grow to the size of a softball and are often mistaken as Tarantulas (which are not found in Hawaii) They are non-venemous and can be beneficial around home for it's appetite for larger prey such as cockroaches, silverfish, and flies. They do not spin webs and tend to hide in crevices during the day and hunt at night. They are not known for biting humans but are capable of doing so in self defense.

Crab Spider

The Crab Spider, also known as the Asian Spiny-Backed Spider, is found all over the Big Island, most commonly in citrus trees, wooded areas, and shrubs. They are not poisonous but can deliver a painful bite and will aggressively defend their web. They can be a menace due to their wide spread webs and their increasing numbers.

Garden Spiders

The Garden Spider comes in an aray of colors and sizes across the world. The most common found in Hawaii is the Black & Yellow Garden spider. They tend to build their webs in sunny areas sheltered by wind. They are easily recognizable by their distinctive web structure which is circular in shape with a dense zigzag of silk at the center. These spiders are most commonly found in gardens and known to be completely harmless to humans.


Black Widow & Brown Violin Spider

The Brown Violin Spider is a close cousin to the Brown Recluse ( which is not found in hawaii) they look almost identical. Bites from them can be fatal in rare cases. They are commonly found in wood piles, under loose bark and under old boards. Both males & females are venemous and will bite in self defense if leaned against or crushed.

The Black Widow is a well-known spider but rarely seen in Hawaii. They can be easily recognized by the red or orange hourglass figure on the underside of the abdomen. Females and males are venemous but the males either do not put out as much venom or the fangs cannot pierce the skin.

Both spiders make their webs in dark areas such as basements, sheds, garages, crawl spaces, etc. They both tend to keep their webs close to ground level. They both hunt at night but the Black Widow tends to hunt from their nest and the Brown Violin tends to leave their nest to hunt. 

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